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Absolute and relative poverty


Absolute Poverty

        Those that live in Absolute poverty do not have access to the resources required to satisfy basic human material needs.

        Three quarters of the world's population live in countries suffering from widespread absolute poverty.

        It was described by the former World Bank President as "a condition of life so degraded by disease, illiteracy, malnutrition and squalor as to deny its victims basic human necessities....life at the very margin of physical existence."

        Life is threatened without food, drink, warmth, shelter, clothing and good health.

        A primary objective of development should be widespread provision of basic foodstuffs, clean water, housing, clothing and health care.

Relative Poverty

        Relative poverty is defined as households with an income below 50% of the median in the country studied.

        One in six of the developed world's children live in relative poverty - that is, below the national poverty line in their country - according to a new report from Unicef.




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