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Development strategies.


The development of particular sectors of the economy



  • Build community capacity to sustain growth and development of its agriculture and food sector.
  • Assist agricultural firms to become more competitive.
  • Provide information that agricultural firms need to thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.
  • Improve communication between community leaders, farms, and agribusiness persons, planners and economic developers.
  • Empowerment of Women to raising levels of nutrition, improving the production and distribution of food and agricultural products and enhancing the living conditions of rural populations.



  • Organise and promote cooperation among firms in the sector.
  • Research and development of new technology or new products.
  • Technology transfer or modernisation, to assist firms in adopting up-to-date technology.
  • Specialised financing, to fill capital needs not met by banks and other conventional financing sources.
  • Employment and training programs, to assure an adequate and skilled workforce.
  • Marketing programs, to help firms access new markets and generate more sales.
  • Actions directed at other key competitiveness issues as revealed by the industry analysis. Examples might include transportation, zoning or land use impediments, or the cost of energy.



  • Create an environment that supports the success of existing business and new start-ups.
  • Upgrade the condition and capacity of the infrastructure to support tourism business expansion.
  • Implement an integrated regional marketing program for tourism development.
  • Exploit Natural Resource-based Tourism
  • Develop well-trained and spoken workforce adapted for tourism and customer service.
  • Improve Health and Social Services for a larger influx of population



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