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Unit 3 Markets at Work


The Housing Market
- Private and social costs
- Market failure and externalities
- Externalities and market failure
- Negative consumption externalities
- Positive externalities
- Positive externalities and failure
- Technological spillovers
Government policies - correcting for externalities
- Pollution taxes
- Pollution regulation
- Extending property rights
- Marketable pollution permits
- The climate change levy
- Coase theorem
- Landfill tax
- Kyoto treaty
- United Nations Convention
- Marketable pollution permits: case Study with Questions
- Alaskans face thaw

- Climate Crisis: All Change in the UK
Merit Goods
De-merit Goods
De-merit goods task

Public Goods 
Indirect Taxes
Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)
Barriers to Entry
Economics of Leisure and Sport




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