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If possible, practise first on a photocopy of the application form.

Use two lines or more for one qualification if the title will not fit in the space provided. You can use this space flexibly - don't try to squeeze too much onto one line.

Don't send UCAS exam certificates or other papers. If you have extra information about your qualifications that will not fit in here, please send it to your chosen universities or colleges after UCAS have sent you your acknowledgement letter and application number.

7A Qualifications completed

Here, you should list all the qualifications you have completed, whether you have passed or failed them.

If you have not completed the overall qualification yet, please put all units and modules, including those you have completed, in 7B, not 7A.

Examination and assessment centre numbers, names and addresses

You can get this from your school, college or exam centre. If your exams are at more than one centre, put each centre on a separate line and use asterisks (*) to show which exams are at which centre.

List all the subjects, units or modules in the order you studied them. Group together the exams you took at the same time. If you have more than one type of qualification (for example, GCSE and GNVQ), leave a blank line between the different groups.

Give the date of the exam in numbers (for example, 06 98, not June 1998), followed by the abbreviation for the awarding body (for example, OCR or AQA).

Give the exact title of the exam under subject/unit/module/component, then the level (and value, if appropriate) using the abbreviations. Finally, give the result (or the grade, band or marks you achieved), including any subjects you failed.

(Note this section must be completed in BLOCK CAPITALS)

Section 7A Qualifications completed - GCSE exams.

7B Qualifications not completed

Here, you should list the qualifications you are studying for now, or those where you are waiting for results.
Please make sure these details are correct, so UCAS can avoid delay when your results are available.

Modular GCE A levels or AS levels
Give the overall title (for example, French). A level modules are not qualifications and you do not need to list them or give your results. If you have taken all the modules for an A level but you have turned down the grade because you want to improve it, put it in 7B not 7A.

Music qualifications
If you have music qualifications, such as ABRSM and equivalent, only list the highest grade you achieved in each subject.

(Note this section must be completed in BLOCK CAPITALS)

Section 7B Qualifications not yet completed - Example 1. Advanced GNVQ and A level.

Lists of abbreviations for exam boards and awarding bodies, levels and qualifications.

Please use abbreviations from the lists below when you fill in page 2 of the form.

Since 1998, there have been five awarding bodies for qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

AQA Assessment and Qualifications Alliance

LE Edexcel Foundation (London Examinations)

NICCEA Northern Ireland Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment

OCR Oxford, Cambridge and RSA

WJEC Welsh Joint Education Committee

They award the following. General Certificate of Education (GCE) A level, Advanced Supplementary (AS), Advanced Subsidiary (ASub), Special Papers, Advanced General National Vocational Qualifications (AGNVQ), Single Award GNVQ, General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), GCSE combined and short courses.

  Please use the following abbreviations for level.

A Advanced level (GCE)
AS Advanced Supplementary (GCE)
GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education
SP Special Paper (GCE)
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