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Timings for UCAS Applications

March 2001    Higher Education Seminar
May 2001   Applications for Sponsorships
June 2001   UCAS Application Training for Lower Sixth
August 2001 AS-Level results
September-October 2001   UCAS forms submitted to Tutors
  The closing date for applications to Oxford and Cambridge AND for Medicine at any university is October 15th.
  Applications for several GAP activities needed now
 November-December 2001  Oxford and Cambridge interviews, with written tests in some subjects (e.g. VMAT).
January 2002  Oxford and Cambridge offers made
April 2002  UCAS offers accepted
August 2002 A2-level results
  Pupils doing better or worse than expected may withdraw from the current UCAS process and submit a new UCAS for entry in 2003
October 2002 University term begins




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