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Principles of Employment Law


Individual labour law

This body of law relates to the rights and obligations of individual employees. Over the last 30 years the number of individual labour laws passed has increased considerably.


These include such laws as the Equal pay act 1970, the sex discrimination act 1975 and the race relations act 1976.


Individual labour law

Individual labour law comprises the entire body of regulations relating to the individual employment relationship between the employer on the one hand and the employee on the other


This includes such issues as the nature and various types of individual contracts of employment, part-time work, probation clauses , the respective obligations and rights of employer and employee, suspension of the performance of the employment contract and termination of employment.


Collective labour law

Collective labour law relates to the activities of trade unions and the operation of industrial relations. For example in the 1980ís the conservative party passed a series of laws restricting the power of trade unions.  This legislation gave the power to employers of  trade unions for loss of earnings.  


Other legislation includes the Employment Act 1980, and the trade union act 1984.


Impact on business of employment legislation

Labours laws have a profound impact on businesses as labour is a main component of any business.  With all these laws and legislation firms are nowadays more vulnerable to prosecution and thus firm have very tight regulations to ensure that they are not sued and thus costs increase.  


Generally labour laws and all business related legislation usually increases production costs.  


Impact on business of employment legislation

In general  the impact of legislation has good and bad effects on businesses.  It could be argued that the impact is less on large multinational companies because they have a much wider base to spread the costs out that employment legislation incur  


Generally labour laws and all business related legislation usually increases production costs.    

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