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Barriers to Communication


In a business, there are always barriers of communication between parts of the company. Consequently, this will result in the whole company being affected…



Obviously, the further apart two subsidiary companies are, the more difficult it would be for meetings to take place. 

This could result in a poor collaboration between parts of the firm. This could further result in a loss of efficiency and profit. 

A multinational company might find that its subsidiaries in different parts of the world use different languages. This will inevitably increase the difficulty of communication between each subsidiaries. This could result in different subsidiaries going into their own directions, causing a loss of control in the head company. This could de-motivates the employees due to a loss of confidence and company ethic.  


Organisational Structure

As a firm grows, it tends to introduce more layers of hierarchy. This makes communication harder as messages from the top of the organisation to the bottom have to go through more people. This slows down decision making and will also be a greater chance that the message will get distorted. 

This could cost the company a lot of money. For JIT, efficient communication is essential. This could also increase consumer dissatisfaction due to delays in the delivery of goods.



Noise/ Interference

Examples are:

·        Information Overload

  • Poor Reception
  • Loud Noises
  • Loss of confidentiality

Although new technologies can help communication, there are problems both with the amount of information sent and use of the new technology.


Choice of network

·        It could delay the whole process of the project

  • It could distort the original information
  • Loss of efficiency therefore profit

It is vital when one is communicating with another that the most appropriate method is used. If in a situation some one wants to send a detailed market research, it would be inappropriate to read it out to them on the telephone. This will delay the whole process of the project.



  • Attitude & Perception (belief in message)
  • Emotional state (upset, angry)


If problems of communication occur within a company rather frequently, this may lead to employees becoming de-motivated in their approach to work. There will not only be a rise in communication problems but also a loss of efficiency and profit.



The ability of the sender to explain a message and the receiver to understand it are important in communication.

If an order must be sent out by a certain date , but the sender simply asks for as soon as possible, communication  would not have been effective.  

If the receiver does not understand what stocks to take the order from, incorrect goods may be sent due to lack of effective communication.



Jargon is a word or phrase with a specialised or technical meaning.  Certain terms understood by a particular group of people may be meaningless to another group.  Jargon about a product which is not understood may result in misleading advertising and poor sales.



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