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Methods of communication


  • Corporate videos
  • annual report
  • team briefings
  • Memos
  • Letter
  • Fax
  • Intranets, and E-mail
  • Newsletter
  • Company magazines
  • Internal telephone systems.



Good communications lie at the heart of effective management.  To plan, co-ordinate and control a business requires high quality, two-way communication.


Face to Face Communication

Q. In business, is it better to talk via computers or on a face to face basis ?

A. Do both. Until e-commerce is fully integrated in the global economy and management is committed to this new form of doing business by restructuring their processes, negotiators should combine face-to-face interaction with e-exchanges.


Despite the advantages of doing business on the Internet, when it comes to negotiations, most executives still prefer face-to-face interaction, particularly if the value of the deal justifies it. In dealing with more relationship-oriented cultures, restrict online communication to exchanging background information while discussing the main issues off-line.


Trust and confidence are difficult to establish and maintain solely using the Internet. This is particularly true in situations when one party is only interested in pricing. Competitive pressures can make buyers and sellers limit their exchanges to offers and counteroffers centred on the single issue of price..



  • Encourage co-operation
  • Produces generic new ideas
  • Feedback and exchange of views
  • Spread information quickly among groups of people



  • Insufficient leadership to control meeting
  • Terms of reference unclear
  • Unskilled people attending unwilling to contribute
  • Oral communication.
  • Types of oral communication about the patient include: case presentations, telephone requests and consultations. Specific content areas include: complications, critical event, emergency, transfer, discharge, death, and court testimony.


Written Comunication

Types of written communication include: medical record (H&P, SOAP), consult note, e-mail. Specific content areas include: discharge, transfer and death summaries, death certificate, court deposition.


Team Comunication

Types of team communication about the patient include: work rounds, attending rounds and treatment planning teams. Specific content areas include: referrals, consultations, negotiating differences in treatment options, negotiating turf issues, disagreeing with a superior.


Direction of Comunication

  • Direct
  • Face to face
  • Public Speaking
  • Personal Letter / email
  • Telephone
  • Indirect
  • Bulk mail / email
  • Newspaper


Deciding upon the Nature of comunication

  • Cost
  • Variety
  • Speed
  • Length


using an appropriate Comunication Medium

How do you decide upon which mthod of communication is best for different messages to be conveyed, e.g., notice of redundancy, Christmas party, meeting, change in pension contributions.  In many cases managers may not be able to use the most effective channel of communication because it is too expensive or the people are too far apart.

  • Written Comunication -Letter Written Proof
  • Memo (internal Letter)
  • Reports (present information)
  • Notice Boards
  • Internal news medium (ie paper, or Intranet)
  • Types of Comunication
  • Oral
  • telephpone
  • PA
  • Info Tech
  • Fax / Email
  • Answerphone
  • Instant Messaging / txting



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